This jewelry project started from interviewing people wearing jewelries on the streets of NYC.
I found it interesting how people feel more value and attachment to jewelries they are wearing not because of their monetary value but more of personal relevance to those jewelries such as friendship bracelets or a ring passed from their grandmother, etc.
So the project was aimed to design user-personal experience and emotional values into jewelries and create an opportunity for the wearer to grow personal attachment to their jewelries by embedding a certain function in the design, instead of creating simply trend-inspired products since I cherish long life design.
From the above idea, this set of jewelry was designed to have an optional function of acupressure that can do good for the users as they need (driven by the wearer’s motion on hands & rings).
It is not just functional but has a high end aesthetic appeal; so its unique function doesn’t overshadow its beauty as fashion jewelry. The set of 5 rings are all to have the function of practicing acupressure on users’ hands & body, and each ring design was inspired from different motions of performing acupressure.

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