The Pamina necklace

With the Pamina necklace, the designer Bernd Wolf has created a symphonic constellation featuring a cornucopia of reflected light: freshwater pearls exhibit an exquisitely elegant, magical luster, sparkling brilliant-cut zirconia scintillates with the wearer’s every movement, and the square center element’s gently rounded, concave surface weds a clear-cut geometrical formal idiom to feminine elegance and an appealingly resplendent play of light.
The cord necklace combines a unique design and excellent quality to perfect wearing comfort and outstanding resilience.
The Pamina necklace has a slide-lock clasp, which, in this small size, has been developed specifically for BERND WOLF. For this delicate cord necklace, a slide-lock clasp is the perfect type of clasp because it’s much easier to handle than a bayonet clasp.

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