Due to various stylistic elements, such as finely brushed surfaces enhanced with high-grade gold plating, and characterized by a minimalist formal idiom, the BERND WOLF collection is uniquely distinctive and immediately recognizable, highly innovative and continuously evolving into the bargain.
This necklace from the Mosaic design line is a multi-strand cord necklace. With this type of necklace, BERND WOLF has developed a stunningly individual jewelry style. The matte, subtly shimmering hematine cubes have been strung on fine, extremely flexible gold-plated stainless steel cords to form appealing necklaces that wed perfect wearing comfort to outstanding suppleness and resilience. Always remaining flexible while retaining their shape, they fit snugly into any woman’s décolleté.
In addition to displaying the hematine cubes’ appealing shimmer, the Movena necklace also transmutes light into other captivating reflections: the golden mosaic texture’s irregularly slanted square surfaces engage in an intriguingly radiant interplay, and the concave surfaces in the middle emit an elegantly luminous gleam. In combination, these effects turn this necklace into a fascinating eye-catcher.

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