Rings from the “MAN-MADE” series by the Swiss jewellery designers BLASTA are crafted using top-quality synthetic diamonds. Not only is the series named after these “man-made” gems; the high-tech and innovative processes used in the production of synthetic diamonds have also served as the inspiration for the design of the jewellery. At BLASTA, the art of goldsmithing meets automobile design. Details in the rings reflect the design language of classic European sports cars, American muscle cars and modern high-class vehicles. Important components, such as headlights or air intakes, give the vehicles their distinctive looks. These details are mirrored in the design of the ring series and give each individual ring a strong character. With their combination of innovative, high-tech materials and affinity to automotive design, the rings of the “MAN-MADE” series are sought-after pieces of jewellery for gear heads with petrol running through their veins who enjoy showing off their refined tastes and eye for detail. Real men wear “man-made” stones because natural diamonds should be reserved for women.

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