I wanted to expand and challenge the idea that a ring should be a single piece of jewellery worn on one finger. Building upon the concept of connectivity, I designed and made a set of 3 linked pieces where each piece echoes the same form, allowing for adjustment in size as each may be worn on a different finger. The linked ring can be worn in several different ways, for example: with each link on a different finger, all three links on the same finger, or even just one link around a finger with the other two links free to settle naturally or move around (and exaggerate gestures) as the hand moves . The initial prototype was formed out of 3 flat strips of silver. The edges of each strip were soldered so as to appear seamless, with each formed strip being permanently linked to its neighbor. While the prototype was fabricated from silver strips cut, formed, soldered and polished, the ring will also be offered as 3D printed stainless steel, silver, and a selection of other materials.

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