JUNE is the first bracelet that measures sun exposure. It advises women when and how to protect their skin from sun rays in daily life, helping them prevent sun damage and premature skin aging.
JUNE and its companion App offer a new serenity in the sun. JUNE acts as a personal sun coach : it observes the habits of the user and the companion App determines the recommended sun protection for their skin type whether it be applying SPF, putting on a hat, wearing sun glasses or seeking out shade. To avoid sun damage, the App can notify the user when to protect their skin.
As a fine piece of jewelry, the center piece of the bracelet conceals all the electronic components. The smooth design hides a sophisticated technology made up of a laser-drilled piece of steel that enables UV ray diffusion.
Versatile, JUNE can be worn as a bracelet or as a brooch. Created by French jewelry designer Camille TOUPET in the spirit of a diamond with glimmering facets, JUNE was thought out to match harmoniously with different styles and comes in three colors: gold, platinum and gunmetal.

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