Nearly every woman loves jewellery. Whether it’s for an anniversary, a birthday, at Christmas or for no particular reason: a gift of jewellery is sure to make a woman happy! It’s just a pity that she can always only wear a small fraction of her jewellery, while the rest has to wait it out in a jewellery box for its next big appearance. With the jewellery tree from Menu, you can now display your jewellery in style even when you are not wearing it.

A jewel for your jewellery

The jewellery tree from Menu is so attractive that it could almost be considered a jewel in itself. The mirror-polished aluminium can compete with your jewellery in terms of it glittering radiance. The elegantly curved branches provide space for lots of rings, chains and bracelets. You can then pluck your jewellery from your jewellery tree like fruit, depending on what you want to wear. The designer, Louise Christ, has created a real jewel for your jewellery!

Decorative and practical

Not only is it extremely decorative to hang your jewellery on the jewellery tree from Menu, it is also very practical. That’s because if you store your jewellery in a jewellery box or purse, you quickly forget what you have. But if the pieces are already displayed appealingly on view, you are always sure to find the right piece to match your outfit.

Sparkling beauty with Red Dot

The understated beauty of the jewellery tree from Menu has not gone unnoticed: In 2008 the decorative aluminium sculpture won the sought-after Red Dot design prize. Bring your jewellery to life in a stylish way

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