herbs+paper= Herbs Paper Ring

Design concept

Herbs are human familiar memory. Herbal scent could soothe the human mind, and then paper pulp can keep the scent of herbs. Therefore, we combined paper and herbs to create the rings. The rings have different unique herbal scent and the warm feel of paper is different with metal. In addition to fashion, the ring make the herbs closer to our lives.

Product introduction

Herbs paper ring is not just a vanity accessories but also full of herbal scent. We mix herbs and paper pulp to create a series herbs paper ring. These rings have unique natural paper texture and natural herbal color. Smell of the herbs paper ring can calm human mind and adding the taste of life.

Why do not we design a necklace or earrings?

In a logical way, if you wear a ring on your hand, you just need to raise your hand and touch your nose with your fingers, then you will smell the herbs, so that is why we choose to design the ring. Of course there are also other accessories such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings… they also have great potential.

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