Rings have always been provided with symbolic meanings since ancient time. There’s an old say in Chinese “Men’s ten fingers are linked to the heart”, this shows the intimate connection between the fingers and “heart”. This design is a set of stackable rings inspired by Chinese Characters that contain the word “heart” as its radical. The rings can be combined into different Chinese characters according to the wearer’s mood and feelings. So no matter where people are from, what language they speak can all enjoy the beauty of Chinese Character.

Chinese character on gold ring means “heart” in English, this character can exist independently or become the radical of various different characters. Characters on silver rings can all group with Chinese character “heart” to form into new Chinese character. User can physically interact with the rings by arbitrarily combine the gold ring with different silver rings to create a new character. Or even just play with the architectural structure. hand in physical product are just some combinations , more results can be arranged.

Material selection included silver plated with gold and silver plated with platinum. Rings diameter are all 19mm.

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