Halo is focused on one critical function – providing an emergency safety call for young women. The product is bluetooth paired to a user’s smartphone and allows the user to activate an S.O.S. distress alert at any time, by tapping 3 times rapidly on the product. The alert is then broadcast by the user’s smartphone to her assigned contacts. Optionally, she can send the alert to any other users of the platform in her vicinity. Her location is shared in real time and 10 seconds of audio are recorded and broadcast. The product consists of a circular body housing the technology, a bracelet module and a replaceable cover allowing for an infinite amount of possibilities to personalise the product. There is also an accelerometer sensor, a chipset for activity monitoring and health tracking. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 3 months per charge. The design of this product is purposefully distinctive and unique. As more ladies adopt this technology and wear this product, the distinctive shape will become more closely associated with its safety function. Eventually, the product itself will be a warning sign to would be attackers that the wearer of this bracelet is protected.

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