The unusual play with light makes for the special appeal of hand-made Fine Light jewelry. The material, an industrially produced fabric whose surface incorporates tiny glass beads, reflects the light back to its source. Slid into delicate bands with a silver sheen the material’s lightness and inherent tension are used for its unique form making. The reflective bands are knotted, tied and slung into delicate, changeable objects that are fixed with reduced metal objects and gold and silver plated magnets. Known elements from traditional gold and silver jewelry are avoided. Just through light, the unconventional objects display continually changing shapes like drawings in space as the reflectivity changes in a dynamic play of light, material, body, movement and space. Without reflectivity the jewelry convinces with an elegant, casual appearance. The innovation of this product line lies in the application of a new material for jewelry design. Through the sensitive handling of the material an added value is created through design.

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