Extreme Craftsmanship Stunning Fashion

Crucifix peremptory has become symbol of religions and decorations in recent year. MAXin, a brand with the combination of fashion and art, we are absolutely in.
Ribbon series of MAXin show the beauty of sterling silver in the performance by artisan crafted. Every single piece shines under the moonlight express the great and warm variations and tenderness.
When these two elements interact they produce sparks, and a unique masterpiece is created. The crucifixes of the Ribbon series inspire in people a sense of curiosity and limitless imagination.
In 2016, the all-new crucifixes of the Ribbon series once again challenged the designer boundless imaginations and artisan superlative craftsmanship to enlighten the astonishing 3D masterpiece. We call her ETERNAL.
” The process of submergence is to create eternal perfection. ”
The ETERNAL use sterling silver is imported from Italy, combined with the creation of Taiwanese artisan handmade.
Long plate silver necklace design: length 70cm, through special change of design jump ring and become 60cm, 10cm other part of this beautiful necklace on the back. The ETERNAL can choose to wear 60cm or 70cm.

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