Greta Garbo wore them, so did Coco Chanel and Marlene Dietrich and fashion icons at the time … and then they were forgotten. Deumer brings back cufflinks, especially designed to meet the demanding standards of todays modern women. Deumer cufflinks for women are made of 925 sterling silver or 18 carat gold with a 3rd stylish version in rose gold. They are round with a diameter of 15 mm on the front, 11mm on the back. The center on both sides is decorated in a variety of transparent vivid vitreous enamel colours allowing a subtle view onto different very classic ornaments underneath. The extraordinary enamel colours are racing green, lavender, bordeaux red, Havana brown, royal blue and crystal grey. They can be different on both sides adding yet another surprising mix and match detail making it the successful accessory it is. Deumer cufflinks are best recognised by the characteristic crest-shaped solid bar and fixed counter plate, a fitting, originally invented by the well known artist Wilhelm Jüngermann in the early 1920s. It allows the cuff to be closed simply, tight fitting, concise and elegant.

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