The "Blessed Child" rings give physical representation to the deep connection between a mother and her child.
The first ring hides a baby on the inside: when you wear it on your finger, the mystery of the ring is not visible to others. The baby cuddles up inside the hands of the mother (to be), symbolizing deep mutual trust.
The second ring serves as a cushion for the baby, a symbol of safety and comfort which is worn with pride. The ring’s message is: "Trust me, I can carry you!"

The form-language of design is naturalistic and simple. A playful and kitschy style was deliberately avoided, to give the wearer the freedom to assign her own emotions and attitudes to the ring. Individual facial and gender features were also omitted, to emphasize the symbolic nature of the ring. The form-finding of the baby archetype was a complex design process.
The rings were created with the 3D program "3Design" with the application "3Shaper" especially for organic forms. A wax mold was printed via Rapid Prototyping, then the rings cast in silver and lastly hand-polished. Any alloy can be used and the rings can be individualized by adding an engraving or gem stone.

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