3456 Infinity Pendant collection showcases medley of triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon and a circle. One unique design feature is in the pendant wearing technique. For each pendant, there are four different ways of wearing; gold(Keum-boo:a Korean gilding technique to apply 24k gold foil) face with chain across the vertex, or the base; silver face with chain across the vertex or the base. Non-vertex shape like a circle still maintains four ways, via creation of narrow and wide surface for the chain to pass through. Such diversity in how to wear and the resultant variations in shapes and texture of the pendant can offer variety in the eyes of beholder. The collection can be a mode of communication, to show one’s special mood or to assign a symbolic meaning for a special occasion. A more intimate and exclusive communication can happen between couples or among best friends. With an analogue-styled ‘touch’, users take over the ‘designer’ role in creating the look of the day. The beauty of this jewelry feature is thus highlighted in the paradoxical co-existence of diversity in simplicity, i.e. versatile metamorphic designs through the most basic shapes, giving timeless and modern look.

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