Inspired by vintage skiing in California with an unmistakable contemporary take on the classic aviator lens, The Sunski Treelines are packed with features. The most important is their removable, perforated side panels that block harsh glare. The 0.7 mm perforated holes let in just enough air to keep the lenses from fogging while also providing just enough visibility to not entirely wipe out your peripheral vision. When you’re out chasing adventure, pop the side panels in place and feel the satisfying click of the recessed magnets that holds them firmly in place. When back in town, you can take the side panels out if you don’t want to go full explorer mode at the coffee shop. In this way, the Treelines give you two products in one.

The Treelines are light as a feather and weigh just 28 grams. Their perfect snug fit means they won’t slide around when you’re running about, and the rubber nosepads add even more grip for life’s bumpy rides. A matte tortoise shell finish and polarized lenses with a lifetime warranty is meant to ensure this product lasts through any adventure.

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