ThinOptics have solved a problem that has existed since glasses were invented in 1286. “Where are my glasses?” For the first time in the history of glasses, the answer is: “They’re right here, on the back of your phone!” ThinOptics’ first product is reading glasses that slip right on the back of mobile phones. Conventional reading glasses are constantly forgotten and unavailable when on the go.

ThinOptics is the perfect solution for lost or forgotten readers. By understanding that the number one accessory most people carry with them is their smartphone, ThinOptics has created a way to attach the readers to the back of their phones unnoticed. ThinOptics are the most important smartphone accessory for users of reading glasses. Not only are they convenient, but they are constructed with the highest quality polycarbonate lenses, and are designed to be the perfect combination of comfort and stability. ThinOptics are designed for immediate and simple one-handed use while on the go. Rather than pricing as a premium optical product, ThinOptics have been priced for the masses enabling all of the 50 million potential users to have access to this optical innovation.

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