Tenxion TU detachable optical frame is made with two different metals. The front is made of ultra light steel and the U-Temple is made of 0.5 mm beta titanium. The stepped insertion design on the front and the patented serrated structure stabilize the front and the U-Temple. The unique design shifts the incision to the nose arm and fixes the opening with customized nose pad. The screwless design integrates the separated front and U-Temple into a pair of functional optical frame. The frame will not deform under any external forces on the front, thus preventing any changes in focal point and any influence on the wearer’s vision. The U-Temple stabilizes the glasses to properly fit any facial shapes. Just dismantle the nose pad by hand to replace the lens. The front and the U-Temple can also be dismantled for different color options. The TU series has integrated new structural functions and different materials while taking into consideration the optical functions and style, bringing brand new breakthroughs to the eyewear trend.

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