Sunlight after Snowfall Glasses is a fusion of modern eyewear with Chinese artifact and history, transforming sunglasses into an artistic statement of historical and modern taste, as well as a creative expression of eastern and western flair.

This piece of eyewear draws inspiration from a treasured calligraphy passage Sunlight After Snowfall, currently on exhibit in the National Palace Museum in Taipei, by the great calligrapher Wang Xizhi (AD 303-361) during the Eastern Jin Dynasty (AD 317-420). Wang’s handwriting art in this passage is praised as an “universally unrivaled and timeless excellence” by Emperor Qianlong (AD 1734-1795) during the Qing Dynasty, who wrote down “Shen”, a character denoting divinity on the masterpiece to honor Wang’s divine virtuosity.

A selection of Wang’s script is printed onto the lenses through a special coating technique, which displays the art of calligraphy on the front of the lense whilst maintaining a clear view for the wearer. Inspired by the form of the character Shen, marked by Emperor Qianlong, the metallic frame is crafted with a 3-D design, which although gives rise to a structural imperfection, is resolved to improve weight balance.

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