The M2 SUN – Enjoy the summer without a care For more than 15 years, the MARKUS T brand has been synonymous with simple yet ingenious technology and design that concentrates on what matters. The M2 SUN – sunglasses that combine the greatest wearing comfort and ideal functionality – are further proof of this. With a thin titanium frame just 0.6 mm thick, they are especially comfortable to wear, weighing just 6 grams. The reduced material used and the delicate design of the frame give the M2 SUN their especially light character. Fine detail and well-considered technology – such as the patented screwless hinge connection and the intelligent clamp system of the central section – make the sunglasses very durable in everyday use and guarantee a long life with little maintenance. The multi-step colouring (MSC) colouring system developed and patented by MARKUS T ensures that the titanium maintains its premium, long-lasting colour. Eight different frame shapes, a range of lens options and a colour spectrum extending to eleven colours offer the chance to adapt the M2 SUN to the wide variety of individual human faces.

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