Through our research, we found that there was a lack of fashion-forward, performance-oriented eyewear styled and sized appropriately for women. Serra represents the culmination of a year-long R&D effort geared towards improving and expanding on our women’s collection. Serra features Sunhaven’s patented front-mounting lens cut technology, and blends a fashionable round lens with premium performance features. In addition to creating a narrower fitting frame, Serra includes three sizes of interchangeable nose pads, which allow for customization to fit a wide range of users. The nose pads and the insides of the temples are hydrophilic, drastically improving their grip in wet conditions.
Serra’s polarized lens is made using an injection process, providing superior optics over more common manufacturing methods. Coupled with a scratch resistant and hydrophobic coating, this preserves the clarity of the lens while significantly increasing durability. While the polarized filter prevents reflected glare from passing through the front of the lens, an anti-reflective coating on the back protects the user from damaging light that might enter from the sides.

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