“REI” is a signature piece of GABE Eyewear’s debut collection STROM. This handcrafted unique metal-free frame made of wood and horn represents an array of accessories that underline every wearer’s personality. Combining unique shapes with new technologies, our creations are precisely assembled, extremely light and very optician-friendly. With the “Snap Joint” hinge, we developed an unrivaled innovation in the industry. This screwless and maintenance-free water-buffalo horn joint is the world’s first of its kind and a signature feature of all our eyewear creations. The “Snap Joint” allows the easy upgrade to fully adaptable temples made of horn or a combination of wood and horn – solving one of the main problems of all wooden frames. Aiming for premium quality and love to detail drive the manufacturing process of GABE Eyewear products. Especially when working with natural materials such as wood or horn, the selection of the finest components is key to meet high standards in durability. All elements are chosen by the designer, precisely assembled by hand and thus inhere a piece of their individual spirit – all handcrafted in Austria.

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