Created as part of an exclusive capsule collection, these two frames are born of a beautiful story. They have been invented to meet the needs of strong myopic users that are turning to the comfort of small shapes due to their optical correction. Especially designed for this major constraint, these frames show a revolutionary ergonomics adapting themselves to the morphology of a wide audience.The work precision of the stamped and sculpted in one block bridge ensures a good stability and perfectly fits the shapes of the face. The hyperbolic paraboloid shape, that we call “saddle bridge”, is the DNA of these two Frédéric BEAUSOLEIL models. The surgical stainless steel work is rigorous and meet a strong demand. In fact, thanks to its lightness, its finish and its hypoallergenic property, the stainless steel is essential to the comfort of the user.
Thus, shape comes from function.
More than just basic glasses, these models are real objects from which exude strength and sentimental value. Once worn, a contemporary originality emerges. Lines are refined, curves are precise and colors are carefully selected.
Will you give in to the both modern and vintage characteristics of this model?

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