nine IBT model 2513 – one day all block titanium frames will be made like this.

The model 2513 has been created as the very first style in the new nine IBT collection. The design is a tribute to our DNA, with the recognizable temples, that, instead of being cut in the middle, continue to the front of the frame, thereby creating a clean and minimal design.
More than this, the model is milled from a solid block of pure titanium, inside which, even the rim lock system is perfectly hidden. In a typical block titanium frame there will always be a rim lock system soldered onto the back of the rim. With the nine IBT model 2513 we have managed to create an ultra-light, flexible frame in a variety of both classic and cool colour combinations, without having to compromise by the negative impact of the clumsy rim lock system placed on the back of the frame.
The front of the frame originates from 2,8 mm thick block of titanium. After being compressed into just 2,5 mm, the material reaches the right density making it possible for our Japanese artisans to drill the locking system inside the actual front of the frame.

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