nine GOLF model 2317

The nine GOLF frame is produced from a super thin (0,8 mm) beta titanium eye wire, making the actual weight of the total frame, without the lenses, less than 9 grams. The temples are just 4,5 mm wide and made from a laser cut sheet of beta titanium just 0,7 mm thick.
By using the flexible beta titanium, together with the distinctive nine eyewear rubber sleeves, the Japanese artisans found a way to ensure, that the frame always stays in place during almost any sport events.
nine GOLF model 2317 is equipped with ProGolf lenses from Carl Zeiss AG. As opposed to normal sun lenses, the ProGolf lenses does not have a light attenuating effect, but instead they enhance the contrasts by selective absorption and provides an optimal sight on the course.
Technology, simplicity, functionality and fashion combined in one piece.

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