Ox horn is a component in the ecology system. The material of Naturalism.T is from the nature. Our first priority is not to harm the ox when we obtain the horn material. We consider this process an interaction with the nature and therefore we do all we can to minimize the waste.
Leveraging the nature horn material can reduce industrial pollution during the production process. The un-used remaining became fertilizer going back to the ecosystem. The design of ox horn glasses is not only a comfortable fashion; it is continuality and more importantly, a participation of environmental protection.
The design of Naturalism.T totally changed the traditional thickness image of ox horn. It is a 2.5mm light, thin and flexible elegant design. The weight balance of the frame enhanced the flexibility of the 2.5mm product. The cross-knitting blend technique improved the adjustability of the hinges of the glasses. The balance of this blended materials refined the definition of lightness.
Environmental protection is our first mission and we still stand for this mission. Today we create a material that can breathe and live and we give its existence a new value.

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