MYKITA presents its most refined and minimalistic design concept to date, establishing a new
category within eyewear. Based on a barely visible construction, MYKITA LESSRIM is a collection of ultra-light glasses that blend seamlessly into the facial features.

MYKITA reinterprets the traditional rimless concept by pushing boundaries within manufacturing processes and utilising latest advancements in surface treatment technology. A special electro chemical process is used to polish the fine frames. The ultra-fine rims hold the lenses without the need for perforation, creating a floating appearance. Only 0.5 millimetres wide, the stainless steel rim lies flush in the groove of the lens perimeter leaving a faintly shimmering outline.

Pure shapes meet with subtle metallic colourways and understated functional detailing for a reduced, virtually translucent aesthetic. The tapered stainless steel temples feature an elongated acetate temple end to optimise the weight balance of the glasses. This reduced material concept amounts to outstanding lightness and comfort.

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