See the world differently through MÛ.

A new concept in eyewear, MÛ combines eco-consciousness with efficient
design: sleek style that maximizes each element. Leather, wood and other
recyclable materials come together to prove the beauty of simplicity.

Aesthetic minimalism with maximum function, MÛ elevates the everyday to an easy elegance that becomes one with the wearer.

This innovative Circonflex collection combines the flexibility of the arms through a spring-action effect with the lightness and elegance of a wood frame.

A truly original concept: no hinges connecting the arms to the front of the frame – developed on the same principle as a headband.

The flexible arms are made of surgical steel, connected by stainless steel, and use an innovative, hinge-less spring-action system for folding and storage. Each part of the glasses can be disassembled and recycled.

The perfect marriage of form and function, the flexible frames maximize
portability and wearability in high style.

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