Inspired by Inuit visors of the past, the RIGARDS RG2020 pairs age-old tradition with modern day innovation. The frame’s most powerful identity is the top bar—hand carved from a solid piece of buffalo horn—it’s a reference to the infinity symbol, also an allusion to flying buttresses in Gothic architecture. It distinguishes itself with a zero-curve, 1.2mm ultra-thin, feather-light polyamide lens, coated with Revo mirror finish for maximum visibility and protection from the elements. The sleek temples are made of beta-titanium, used for space travel due to its lightweight flexibility and memory function. To keep the front facade minimal, we’ve installed a wired nose-pad system on the inside, made from blackened stainless steel to stay discreet, with moon shaped nose-pads handcrafted from leftover horn used in production. These unique horn pads are hypoallergenic, warm to the touch and grips superbly. Lastly, the flare sides of the frame acts like a side mirror thanks to the coating, which will prove essential when riding. The RG2020 is a frame of the future, combining natural materials with intricate craftsmanship of experienced artisans, aided by the precision of complex machines.

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