M3 X – Extreme depth for an expressive look

M3 X revolutionizes expressive glasses with an extreme depth of material: The synthetic material TMi – exclusively developed for MARKUS T – offers an incredibly lightness. With a material thickness of 7 mm the M3 X is about 35% lighter than comparable acetate glasses. An easy click system allows the glazing to be child’s play. The ultra-light weight of only 8.5 grams makes them incomparably pleasant to wear. The impression of lightness is strengthened by the wide range of translucent colors. At the same time the M3 X speaks a clear and pure design language that underlines the character of the wearer. The TMi material of the frame creates a high-quality and matt appearance. The focus of the M3 X is on the design and on the wearing comfort while this is combined for the first time with expressive material thicknesses. Clear lines and soft shapes make M3 X distinctive. The handmade glasses are constructed without screws, thus they are extremely durable and require minimum maintenance.

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