LINDBERG sirius titanium is an innovative, multi-usable eyewear concept with a patent pending, interchangeable lens and inner-rim system.
The curved front design was originally developed for the elite Danish naval unit, “The Sirius Patrol” conducting reconnaissance at the borders of Greenland in extreme weather conditions with blinding sunlight reflected in the snow. To minimize light intrusion further we have now reinvented the eyewear system to offer optional acetate rims with side shields.
The sirius frame gives you perfect vision in any situation with a minimum of accessories to carry. With a snap of the fingers you can easily change your single vision or progressive lenses to fit your context, whether you are sitting in front of the computer, driving or actively enjoying life hiking, skiing, golfing or sailing. Each frame is accompanied by a hard-shelled case for traveling, and a soft 4-pocket wallet for carrying your cleaning pouch and two pair of extra lenses, with or without prescription. The LINDBERG titanium ensures the strongest yet lightest frame, which can be adjusted to fit your face perfectly. And like always no screws are used in the patented LINDBERG hinge design

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