Glens are ready-to-use backup reading glasses for people who wear near-vision spectacles. They are an easy solution if you don’t have your prescription glasses with you. Glens are intended for short-term use.
Glens backup reading glasses are made of high quality co-polyester and weight less than a gram. They are small and as thin as a credit-card (Size: 78 mm x 21 mm x 1 mm): you can put them even in the smallest wallet and forget about them, until you need them again in unexpected situations. Glens are available in three dioptric values: +1,5; +2,0; +2,5.

Glens reading glasses can be worn on any part of the nose. But the closer to the eyes, the greater the visual field. Due to their extra light weight, they will not fall off and will sit perfectly on almost every nose. For a better grip, special-made nose pads have been designed to maintain a tiny amount of pressure in order to keep the lenses in the right position during use. Three little knobs on top of the bridge of the nose help to improve the grip and provide position adjustment if needed. Glens backup reading glasses are fully transparent and at a distance of more than 2 metres, almost invisible on your face.

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