The Mod. 52 offering a fine-tuned image of iconic visual references, this model nevertheless asserts its own visual identity and lays the foundations for the brand’s DNA; a stylish but also technical DNA.
The frame is both rigid and structural and yet soft and flexible in use, allowing it to be converted instantly from sunglasses into prescription spectacles.
The design of the glasses addresses every detail of ergonomic comfort, fully exploiting the opportunities offered by the production process.
The details of the characteristic bridge, integrated hinges and temples are moulded in the mass.
The silicone developed to make Mod. 52 is innovative, has a natural and sensual feel and is pleasant to the touch; it is specially treated to prevent any allergic reaction.
It makes for an extremely light frame that is ultra-flexible without sacrificing comfort or strength.
From this protective case, shaped like a slightly flattened drinks can and made to fit in the vehicle’s cup holder, a module pops out for use as a stand on a table or counter top.


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