How can you turn an exclusive natural material like horn into something even more exclusive and unique? The answer is a mix of rosewood, beta-titanium, and buffalo horn – and FLEYE's original design.

Silky-soft, light buffalo horn exquisitely sets off the fine structure of the encapsulated rosewood. The wood's structure lends a very special effect, when combined with horn. In addition, the horn / wood / horn layer ensures the perfect preservation of the rosewood.

FLEYE combines horn, normally a classic material, with beta-titanium side bars in modern turquoise. This unusual combination of classic and trendy creates a young and exclusive look.

"We wanted to rethink horn eyewear, giving it a clear FLEYE look, and making it even more exclusive," says FLEYE designer Annette Estø. She adds that the horn's soft surface, lightness and colour structure all contribute to creating FLEYE eyewear with a natural elegance.

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