„Freedom to question is fundamental to every great design.“ -James O’Callaghan Free-thinking men don’t want to wear just any old eyewear. And it’s precisely for these men that the collection has been created. A minimalist and distinctly masculine look, a new type of design with influences from architecture and specialist technical expertise. Existing standards are exceeded, whilst the style of design is oriented towards men who want eyewear which underlines a contemporary and urban look. The highlight is the titanium model which has no hinges and clearly demonstrates how James O’Callaghan has skillfully overcome an design obstacle. Made in Italy from one sheet of titanium only, the extremely lightweight laser-cut frames commit to high standards and overall product quality. The sophisticated glazing system perfectly fits the overall ensemble. Each of the six models in the EOC.FREIGEIST range is available in a limited edition of 222 throughout the world. And this is one of the many reasons why those who select a frame from the EOC.FREIGEIST collection will own an item of eyewear which is guaranteed to be something truly exceptional.

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