The large format ladies sunglasses combines the style of the classic acetate frames from the 50ies with the fancy extravagant metal frames of the 90ies. In the layout, the top bar made of black acetate is the dominating style element. Its contours are being continued by a filigree double eyerim in a tender rosegold. The material- and color combination with the modern design lines and its contrasts generates an elegant, feminine look. This look is completed by the high-quality sunlenses which are held in a warm filter-shade with a mirror coating which exactly matches the color of the shiny metal of the eyerims. The filigree metal temple in rosegold open positively in the comfortable tip ends made of acetate and follow the design principle of the front. By the nosepads that are integrated in the acetate, it is possible to also use these sunglasses as a headband – an important additional function for a noble accessory.

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