The glasses design BREAK from ROLF Spectacles is a combination of two natural materials stone /wood, finished with highly precise Two-Tone finishing and based on the company’s innovative FLEXLOCK hinge technology. Built on a multi-directional concept, the new hinge is bound to usher in a new era of eyewear design.

Technical information:
The temples are connected to the frame via delicate engravings, which provide a secure fit in its closed position. At the same time, the design also allows for turning the temples in any direction, without fragmenting the surrounding hinge. The key component tasked with bringing the temples back into their initial position is a natural rubber band, threaded through the hinge to form a secure connection between frames and temples.

Brand information:
ROLF Spectacles invents and produces everything in-house. The idea is to put more time and love into the product and thus creating something more personal and special.
The main focus of ROLF Spectacles is to set design trends and realize new innovative ideas.

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