Awear CHARMANT is a brand-new eyewear collection made of bio-based plastics developed and manufactured with the protection of our environment in mind. This special bio-based material is made from Castor oil extracted from the Castor plant which is growing on poor soil in tropical or semi-arid areas and doesn`t compete with food crop.
Compared to conventional plastic eyewear production methods the amount of petroleum and energy consumed are significantly reduced by continuously reviewing the production steps. Precision injection moulds require more technology but at the same time eliminate a lot of waste.

And, speaking about the design, the Awear collection is refreshingly vivid and modern. The one-of-a-kind temple structure consists of three parts which are hand-assembled. This particular trilogy construction permits a wide variety of temple colour combinations.
Material lightness as well as the springy function of the temples provides sensational wearing comfort.

Awear is environmentally friendly, beautiful and very comfortable.

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