The AlessiEyes Kompas Collection designed by Frederic Gooris for Alessi comprises 15 optical styles and 8 sunglasses styles. All frames showcase an ingenious hinge design which takes inspiration from the simplicity and brilliance of a compass. The extra-thin embedded magnets do not only create a floating hinge based on magnetic attraction, they also allow you to unfold the frame one-handed, with a simple action, by using the principle of magnetic orientation, the same way a compass needle always points North. Imagine slipping on your sunglasses without taking your attention off the road or fumbling with your shopping bags. This innovative magnetic hinge truly sets the Kompas collection apart. Furthermore, this revolutionary design delivers long-term durability: the temples of the frame will never loosen over time as the magnet system replaces the reliance on screws to hold the rim and the temples together. Superb comfort and fit is provided thanks to the metal pad arms and plastic nose pads that offer high adjustability for all face shapes. The collection is made with premium materials such as lightweight, hypoallergenic titanium and handmade acetate.

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