The FARE® Profile family of umbrellas is characterized by their homogeneous and continuous design concept, that has been created in relationship with topics like automotive industry, mobility and technology. Tyre profile design elements can be found at the straight, segmented soft touch handle as well as on the individual tops of both models. In addition the remarkable, light-grey joints at the frame are a surprising and eye-catching commonality, emphasizing the character of functionality and technology. This impression is also strengthened by the clearly visible exposed springs. Matching the ongoing SUV trend the golf umbrella appears massive and classy at comparatively low weight. In particular the fibreglass shaft contributes to this, whose look reminds on modern composites like carbon. The mini-umbrella has a convenient dual-automatic function allowing the opening and closing of the umbrella at the push of a button. Due to the high-quality windproof system with flexible fiberglass ribs both umbrellas can just be closed and reused directly if they revert at stormy conditions.

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