Jebudo ArtPark (JAP) is located in the unused parking lot in Jebudo, a fading Island from the tourist interests. JAP is a public art and viewing pavilion that is an effort to kickstart the revitalization of Jebudo by the city and the local community.

Six renovated shipping containers are carefully arranged toward to the sea in order to create the best viewpoints of Jebudo’s seascape while retaining the spaces between containers for outside events and community gatherings. Exploring JAP’s open structure, one will unintentionally discover the arts inside and breathtaking panoramic views of the landscape outside, blurring the boundaries between the arts and nature. By different levels and positions of six containers, a spectrum of views are created Jebudo’s spectacular sceneries; sunset, mud flat, the ocean, breeze and the sky is in the frame of containers like “arts”.

Since the JAP started as an interim architectural project of on-going transformation of Jebudo. The shipping containers will be reused for the community needs after the project ends.

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