Squid is an easy-to-install, transparent, self-adhesive window decoration that allows you to see outside, but which largely prevents others from looking in.

The transparent woven textile covering can be perfectly integrated in any room in your home, and is also the ideal solution for offices and large windows. The window covering is supplied in 1.3-metre-wide rolls that are up to 15 metres long. Large(r) areas can also be covered seamlessly, so you can’t see any joins from a distance.

What’s more: difficulties such as no space above the window, or an unusual shape of window (e.g. round, triangular, etc.), no longer pose any problems either. Squid is perfect for covering attic and porch windows too, especially considering the textile reflects 1/3 of the sun’s heat – so it stays cooler inside on those balmy summer days when it’s just a bit too hot outside.

Its aesthetic qualities shouldn’t be underestimated either: no (more) need to clutter your interior with curtain rails, blinds or other pull-up systems. One of 5 the perfectly chosen colors will match your interior.

Squid is a real DIY solution. Using only a cutter and a squeegee, your window will be ready in no time.

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