Energy efficiency meets design.

Colt Shadoglass is an innovative shading system for façades, made out of glass louvres, that automatically track the sun’s position. The protection effect comes from the louvre
material’s ability to absorb solar radiation.

Shadoglass is available in an endless variety of design possibilities. The laminated safety glass can be manufactured in any color and it can be filled with a wide range of materials. The design ranges from classic and elegant finishes, for example metal and chrome, to hypermodern design possibilities with different layers of prints, inlays and matt finishes. Materials that can be layered, include wood, metal mesh, composite materials, mirroring foils and reflective particles, as well as LED and Photovoltaic cells.

Depending on the type of glass selected and/or corresponding print aesthetics or laminated foil, precise light and privacy requirements can be achieved and result in a range of customizable options that put architecture on a new level of design.

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