PowerView™ Motorization utilizes wireless RF communication for precise control of 36 different Hunter Douglas window treatment styles and configurations, whether raising, lowering, tilting or traversing. Quickly adjust any window treatment, or all the treatments in a room, with the artfully designed Pebble™ Remote. For more specialized control, the PowerView App operates the window treatments with the swipe of a finger. The App is available on Apple® iOS and Android™ mobile devices and requires a PowerView Hub connected to a Wi-Fi router. With the App, customized Scenes can be created to control all the treatments in a home in any combination of positions to fit the mood or activity. Scenes can be scheduled to operate the shades automatically at set times, or activated on demand using the Pebble Scene Controller version of the remote. Scenes can even be linked to local sunrise and sunset times – precisely calculated by PowerView based on its knowledge of the specific location. The RemoteConnect™ feature allows shades to be activated from anywhere in the world. With PowerView Motorization, the world’s most beautiful window treatments are now the most intelligent.

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