Light leakage on traditional blinds can be a major problem on sunny days. Even when the blinds are closed, light leakage can permeate between the slats, or through their route holes, which can also compromise privacy.

SmartPrivacy™ is a revolutionary privacy and closure system that solves the most frustrating problems commonly found in blinds. It conceals route holes, which are not only a source of light leakage and bit can compromise privacy. The blind closes tighter to ensure light and privacy control between the slats when blind is closed. It has tighter closure when tilted upward or downward position. It’s more aesthetically pleasing by creating a streamlined profile and eliminating the cords in the middle

The newly improved SmartPrivacy™ with decorative head rail system simplifies installation and improves operation. The new system sees smoother and more consistent operation. It utilizes redesigned hardware that includes an improved bracket system, which makes installation easier, making DIY much more feasible.

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