WORLD NOVELTY: Perfect combination of daylight and artificial light MAXIMUM LIGHT BY REFLECTIVE AND PRISMS-LED Reflective: LAMILUX equips the inner side of the flat roof window upstand with a highly reflective material. The gain of light during daylight hours increases by 50 percent. The result: More daylight with the same opening size of the daylight system. LED: Steplessly dimmable LED light strips are integrated in the upstand. With the increase of darkness, they are continuously replacing the missing daylight: The perfect combination of daylight and artificial light for constant brightness. For the development of this system, LAMILUX has teamed up with the internationally renowned lighting specialist Bartenbach. Sizes and variants: – Optional with warm white (2.700K) or neutral white (4.000K) LEDs – Applicable in flat roof windows of 50/100 – 200/200 (two- and four-sided installation possible) – Four-sided variant for standard upstands – Two-sided variant for open attachment parts (shading, traverse, etc.)

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