Light and simplicity are the vital essence of modern architecture. A large number of today’s facades feature a look that includes floor-level windows. When opening the glazing to enjoy the fresh air outside, an effective form of protection against falling out the window is a must. With its integrated fall protection, Warema offers an intelligent combined solution to meet this need.
The effective fall protection can be designed together with external venetian blinds or roller shutters and consists of a permanently integrated glass pane that provides residents with reliable fall protection – without compromising the appearance of the floor-level windows. The glass mount supplied by Warema in combination with the sun shading system is integrated directly into the guide rails.
Functioning of the external venetian blind or roller shutter is not affected at all. They can still be lowered to the floor in front of the pane without any problem, allowing them to provide their characteristically outstanding levels of glare control and visual privacy. Hand-in-hand planning of the innovative fall protection and the sun shading system allows Warema´s specialist planners to save time and money.

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