Duette honeycomb shades boast contemporary enhancements to its already premium and energy-efficient design. With completely re-engineered hardware, the new, thinner headrail now mirrors the honeycomb shape for a streamlined and integrated beauty from top to bottom. The Duette® Duolite™ option, featuring two different, customizable fabrics and opacities fused together, has a re-designed moving connector rail that is now tucked inside the shade to create a more seamless transition between the two fabrics.

Duette’s proprietary lift systems have also been updated to reflect a sleeker and more modern aesthetic. The LiteRise cordless lift system that easily raises and lowers the shades has a sleek new contoured handle; UltraGlide retractable cord system features a new decorative tassel that is soft to the touch; and PowerView Motorization, which adjust shades automatically throughout the day on a pre-set schedule to impart the perfect ambiance for every mood and moment, now integrates with more third party systems, including Nest, Savant, Crestron, Logitech and more. Best of all, long and looped cords operation are no longer offered, creating a safer haven for young children and pets.

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