Folding scissor shutters for special lighting atmospheres and
shade effects!
Folding scissor shutters are an attractive alternative to sliding, folding or swinging shutters that offer interesting opportunities for architectural design. The design options are unlimited. Furthermore, folding scissor shutters from the Griesser Company enable special lighting atmospheres and shading effects in rooms through various opening angles. When open, the folding scissor shutters are at right angles to the facade and provide privacy and protection against wind, even when they are half-open. The latest in electrical
drive technology and controls ensures great convenience. Practically all of the standard swinging and sliding shutter models can be used as folding scissor shutters.

A system full of advantages:
Complete integration in the motors of the housing, protection class IP54/24 VDC
Can be used on practically all existing model types
Motors run noiselessly and precisely
Simple and rapid installation, thanks to pre-assembly at the factory
Simple integration of wind sensor and wireless control, etc.
2-8 sashes per element possible

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