Coltlite CLST is the elegant louvred natural ventilator and latest innovation in the Coltlite series. Coltlite CLST is of high quality and has a sophisticated appearance. It is an effective solution for more demanding customers.
It can provide a pleasant indoor climate. At the same time it can be integrated into the façade without compromising the appearance of the building: infact, it can contribute to the architectural impact of any façade.
Although it comprises louvres, the glass surface of Coltlite CLST appears completely flat as seen from the outside, even though it comprises a series of louvres. The thermally broken louvre frames are only visible from the inside. This is achieved because the double glazed louvres are a stepped-edge design. Their maximum opening angle is 90 degree. They are moved either electrically or manually.
– Sophisticated in appearance and high quality
– Glass surface with a completely flat appearance and thermally broken profiles
– Stepped-edge glass, maximum opening angle 90 degree
– Variable dimensions
– Tested to EN 14351-1 (product standard for windows and doors)

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